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Personal training instruction on how to do a barbell row in Apollo Beach.

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Training Insanity

Personal training insanity in Apollo Beach, FL Einstein allegedly defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result.

How many of us have tried to diet and exercise and repeatedly failed? How many of us go to the gym or for walks every day but never achieve the level of fitness we’d like?

The answer, it seems, lies in your ability to adapt, overcome and grow. I read a lot. I'm currently reading The Road Less Traveled by Scott Peck. Great book… I strongly recommend it. Anyway, everything I read agrees that growth (mental, spiritual – even physical) should be something you strive for and continue to do until the day you die. In the gym, we say that you’re either moving forward or backward. There is no standing still.

How would you describe your fitness endeavors? Are they insanely routine and unchanging, yielding no noticeable results, or are they characterized and even evidenced by constant attempts at growth and improvement? If something isn’t working, do you change it and try something new or do you just keep at it and tell yourself, “At least I'm trying…”

Focus on results. If you’re getting them, keep up what you’re doing. If not, attempt to change, adapt and grow. If you need help, contact me. I’ll meet you in the gym and well brainstorm together – free of charge.

I’ll leave you with this quote by Bruce Feirstein – “The distance between insanity and genius is...

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Treat Your Chronic Pain

Back pain relief Apollo Beach, FL.No Matter What Age

Training with Francois at Fast Twitch FP can help you regain your fitness level and ease chronic pain.

If you're suffering from chronic pain, it's likely that you've tried a variety of treatment options as you search for pain relief. Many people suffering from chronic pain also experience a variety of other issues provoked by the pain. These debilitations include problems falling asleep and staying asleep, stress and depression, and inability to fulfill employment duties.

If you have back or joint pain, there are probably some times when all you want to do is lie in bed all day. It’s tempting, but it might make the problem worse. Doctors used to prescribe bed rest for chronic pain conditions, but studies have found that people who exercise and stay flexible manage their pain much better than those who don’t. 

At 84 years old Martha S. entered a fitness program with Francois at Fast Twitch FP after contemplating knee surgery. After working with Francois for three short months, Martha was making great progress. After 6 months at Fast Twitch FP, she was able to walk without pain and jog short distances. What does Martha love about working with Francois at Fast Twitch FP?

“As we talked, I realized this guy knows the body. He listened to me: something I find lacking in talking to doctors . . . What impressed me was his attention to details and his knowledge of overall health fitness (nutrition, sleep, impact of...

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Better Skin Through Improved Fitness

Sweaty skin - natures skin creamSweat - natures skin cream.....

At Fast Twitch, we beleive that if we want a symptom to go away, we have to treat and/or eliminate the problem. Want to lose fat? Stop eating so much and move more. Want to relieve back pain? Strengthen your core and train for a fuller range of motion (flexibility) in your hips and upper back. Tired? Sleep. Weak? Train. Skinny? Eat. Simple.

Now think skin. What do you do when your skin has blemishes or doesn’t look as healthy as you’d like? Typically, you go see a dermatologist and/or spend hundreds on creams and other magic potions and remedies.  

Ever wonder why your skin doesn’t look good in the first place? Is it because you didn’t proactively apply creams?... or is it because you're no longer as young as you once were, have stress in your life, eat/drink poorly, sleep too little and, oh ya - you dont exercise?...

Now, for some of you, accepting and dealing with the latter is asking too much. If that’s you, stop wasting your time reading this blog cause that’s what we’re gonna talk about from here on out.

Ok, the slackers are gone. The rest of you are still here because you understand that the reality of the situation is as follows: If I'm healthy on the inside, I'm more likely to be healthy on the outside. Rocket science, I know.

But why?... Its pretty simple actually. Annet King (Director of Training and Education at Dermalogica) tells us, “Any...

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Diet "Must Haves"

Diet tips to losing weight.According to FastTwitch Fitness Performance.....

You know how it goes . . . you tell yourself, “This is it. For real this time…” and you get back on that all-chicken, broccoli and water (or whatever combination of “super foods”) diet and before the day is over – you fail.

But why do you fail?

Well, without further ado, the following is a list of characteristics your diet must have (in my professional opinion as a personal trainer) if it is to stand a chance of surviving past dinner.


Systematic Implementation and Execution

Routine. It’s a must. No way around it. Jordana Brewster (Vin Diesel’s sister in Fast and Furious) once said, “I like having a routine, because everything else… is so unpredictable.” I could not agree more. And it’s not just because she’s so freakin' hot (well maybe a little…) but because she’s spot on. Wanna know what I consider the greatest threat to any diet? Family. Why? Because they’re whimsical and unpredictable and that equals “the occasional” Friday night ice cream outing… Not only that but they also likely don’t have the same goals you have (zero intention of timing meals, upping their water intake, improving their sleep habits, etc.) which means you have to separate from the herd (to some degree) to succeed. And that’s tough – but necessary. But hold on! Why does family all but want you to fail?!? Because...

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Exercise and Joint Pain

Exercise and joint pain illustratedThe Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) tells us that in the US in 2009, 20% of adults of all ages and 50% of adults 65 and older reported having doctor-diagnosed arthritis.

It also tells us that “by 2030, an estimated 67 million Americans ages 18 years or older are projected to have doctor-diagnosed arthritis.

What is arthritis exactly? Well there are two kinds. The first is rheumatoid arthritis and is defined as "a chronic autoimmune disease that causes inflammation and deformity of the joints." The second is osteoarthritis. It is defined as "a progressive disorder of the joints caused by gradual loss of cartilage resulting in the development of bony spurs and cysts at the margins of the joints."

So what can be done to counter the effects of arthritis that doesn't involve a doctor and meds and their accompanying side effects such as increased chance of heart attack and stroke, ulcers and bleeding, and serious skin and allergic reactions (all having the potential of leading to death)?

Answer - strength training.

Study after study confirm that progressive strength training, or training that is designed to produce greater and greater strength as time goes by, has a positive effect on our joints when done correctly and in a manner that provides productive stress rather than distress on the joints in question.

Not only that but all the participants that practiced this form of training in the aforementioned studies...

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