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Personal Trainer, Francois Tort stretching a client to increase flexibility in Ruskin, FL.

Range of Motion & Flexibility Training

Improving your range of motion and flexibility will help with back and shoulder pain, joint pain, and lower your risk of injury.

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Range of motion and flexibility training in Apollo Beach, Ruskin, Sun City Center and surrounding areas.

Stretching and flexibility to improve range of motion in Sun City Center, FL. Flexibility training is important for many reasons. However, most people underestimate the importance of flexibility. Whether you are a professional athlete or a stay-at-home mom, flexibility matters.

Improve Your Range of Motion (ROM)

In order to function well and with minimal back and joint pain, you need to have the right range of motion in your muscles and tendons. Without a good ROM, you can face several issues including:

  • Back and shoulder pain
  • Less power
  • Greater chance of injury

It is always a goal to improve flexibility with all my FastTwitch Fitness Performance customers in the Apollo Beach, Ruskin, and Sun City Center, FL areas.

Flexibility improves your ROM, which makes your body healthier and will help you avoid injury and pain.

Certian body types are simply just more flexible than others.

Flexibility favors women, young individuals, and active individuals. If you’re a young girl, then flexibility might come naturally to you. On the other hand, if you’re an old and heavy-set man, then you might have a hard time touching your toes. You must work harder on your flexibility. As your personal trainer, I can help you do just that.

Improving your Flexibility

No matter who you are, improving your flexibility will only help you and improve your range of motion. It’s important to understand how you can become more flexible.


In general, physical activity is a great way to improve your flexibility. Exercise relaxes your body’s skeletal muscles, tendons, and ligaments. By focusing on getting a full range of motion during your workouts, you can contribute to your flexibility.


Finally, there’s good old fashion stretching. If you want to make the most of stretching, then you need to know the following:

  • What to stretch
  • How to stretch it
  • How long to hold it
  • At what intensity to hold it
  • What style of stretching to use (static, dynamic, PNF, etc.)

Strength training will improve your flexibility and range of motion while building strength and muscle!

If you want to improve your flexibility, then you need to train for full body strength. All the keys to building flexibility are a part of strength training. If you live in the Apollo Beach, Ruskin, Sun City Center, FL, or surrounding areas, contact me today at (813) 294-2836 to get started with strength training to improve your flexibility and range of motion.

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