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Personal training for muscle building, client working on his biceps in Apollo Beach, FL.

Muscle Building & Strength Training

Training to build muscle and strength will also help burn fat, relieve joint pain, increase lean mass, and improve the overall look of your body.

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Apollo Beach, Ruskin, and Sun City Center, FL personal training services to build strength and muscle.

We typically think of strength training as something that only bodybuilders do. And, of course, strength training is an important part of building muscle volume. However, it is far from the only reason to strength train. No matter what your fitness goals are, strength training needs to play a key role in your workout regimen. My goal for all my personal training clients in Apollo Beach and surrounding areas is to gain strength and muscle.

What are the benefits of strength training with a personal trainer?

Strength training to burn more fat:

If your goal is to lose weight and burn fat, strength training should be your first step in your fitness program. Strength and strength endurance builds lean muscle and increases your work capacity that is required for intense cardiovascular workouts. This improves your metabolism before, during, and after each workout. Increasing the rate of your metabolism will result in more fat emulsification (loss) and a leaner, more toned body.

Training to relieve joint and back pain:

If you have weak abs you likely have lower back pain. By strengthening the muscles in your core, those muscles will help to stabilize your entire body.

Joint and back pain is often caused—or made worse by—weakness in your core muscles

A weak core is not the only reason you may have lower back pain but there is a connection between the two. That is why, when you stand, you experience lower back pain. And, the longer you stand, the more intense the pain becomes. For effective joint and back pain relief, my personal training program will focus on strength training to build up your core muscles.

Preserving our aging bodies:

As we move into our 50s, 60s, and 70s, strengthening your muscles will help stabilize your entire body. Working your joints, like the synovial joint (ie. knee joint), requires frequent movement. Exercising and consuming the proper nutrients will help you maintain healthy joints. Keeping your muscles and joints strong as you age, is the key to your quality of life. Strength training can give you the confidence to pick up your kids or grandkids without worrying about pain, or carry a box up a flight of stairs without the risk of throwing your back out. For “mature athletes,” as we call them, strength training is the difference between body pain and true quality of life.

Personal training muscle and strength building with a client in Apollo Beach, FL.

What’s your reason to start strength training?

Whether your goal is to lose weight, build muscle, build endurance, gain lean mass, improve balance and coordination, or to just maintain the ability to do everyday activities, strength training will be a part of every training session. If you’re in the Apollo Beach, Ruskin, or Sun City Center, FL, areas, call me at (813) 294-2836 to start training today.

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