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Endurance Training

I train your whole body. Aerobic endurance (often known as cardio) and strength endurance (known as stamina) are both vital parts of all personal training programs.

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Apollo Beach, Ruskin, and Sun City Center, FL endurance training.

When most people think of aerobic exercise or cardio, they think of running. But running isn’t the only way to improve your aerobic endurance. We don’t want you to run. In fact, we don’t run at all, you will not see any of my personal training clients on treadmills at the Apollo Beach Racquet & Fitness Club or at the Fountains Fitness Center Gym at Southshore Falls by Del Webb. Instead, we use an aerobic workout based on cross-training principles.

If you are in the Apollo Beach, Ruskin, Sun City Center, or surrounding Florida areas, contact me today at (813) 294-2836. Schedule your first personal training session and start improving your endurance.

Strength and aerobic endurance training with walking lunges in Sun City Center, FL .

What is aerobic endurance?

Before you understand our aerobic workouts, you should understand what aerobic exercise means. It’s any exercise that overloads the heart and lungs, making them work harder than they do when you are resting. Therefore, an aerobic workout isn’t limited to being chained to a treadmill.

The American College of Sports Medicine defines aerobic exercise as "any activity that uses the large muscle groups, can be maintained continuously, and is rhythmic in nature."

What is strength endurance training?

Anaerobic exercise is strength endurance and is also known as stamina. Strength endurance, or stamina, is how long you can sustain prolonged physical activity at a moderate to high level of intensity. Full body strength training is one of my biggest goals with all my personal training clients, because it's one of the most noticeable benefits. Improving your strength endurance will improve your work capacity, making you stronger, and improve your energy levels.

What my personal training endurance workouts are like!

Personal training endurance workouts involve a full-body workout. I train the large muscle groups of your body using circuits and different types of free weights. You might find yourself using dumbbells, bars, or even your bodyweight to complete a circuit.

If you want a personal trainer who will bark orders at you as you run laps around a gym, then look elsewhere. You don’t pay us to run. Running can be done on your own time. While we’re training you, we’ll make you a stronger runner by giving you a great workout. My training sessions will help you improve all of the following:

  • Injury resistance
  • Core stability
  • Finishing power
  • Overall movement efficiency

By training with me, your running endurance will improve naturally. While your competitors start burning out, you can continue with your newfound endurance.

If you’re ready to improve your aerobic endurance and take it to the next level, then contact FastTwitch Fitness Performance at (813) 294-2836. If you live in the Apollo Beach, Ruskin, Sun City Center, or surrounding areas in Florida, I can work with you and bring new meaning to cardio.

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