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You know how it goes . . . you tell yourself, “This is it. For real this time…” and you get back on that all-chicken, broccoli and water (or whatever combination of “super foods”) diet and before the day is over – you fail.

But why do you fail?

Well, without further ado, the following is a list of characteristics your diet must have (in my professional opinion as a personal trainer) if it is to stand a chance of surviving past dinner.


Systematic Implementation and Execution

Routine. It’s a must. No way around it. Jordana Brewster (Vin Diesel’s sister in Fast and Furious) once said, “I like having a routine, because everything else… is so unpredictable.” I could not agree more. And it’s not just because she’s so freakin' hot (well maybe a little…) but because she’s spot on. Wanna know what I consider the greatest threat to any diet? Family. Why? Because they’re whimsical and unpredictable and that equals “the occasional” Friday night ice cream outing… Not only that but they also likely don’t have the same goals you have (zero intention of timing meals, upping their water intake, improving their sleep habits, etc.) which means you have to separate from the herd (to some degree) to succeed. And that’s tough – but necessary. But hold on! Why does family all but want you to fail?!? Because action offends the inactive. Thats why.

Meal Timing and Frequency

If you are on a restricted diet, low calories and/or carbs for example, and you are planning on stacking 6-8 hour fasts between meals to that pile – I have good news. You'll be joining your family on Ice Cream Friday very shortly. What we've found works is eating no more or less than 4 times a day (Ex: 0600, 1000, 1400, 1800) with each meal being no more or less than 3-5 hours apart. Going beyond that will either cause nutrient over-saturation, famine reaction (starvation mode) and/or low blood sugar levels (and consequent psychosis) that will certainly derail your efforts. Want to succeed? Do yourself a favor. Plan and time your meals. It will keep you feeding on a regular basis and prevent your stomach from reaching that critical “What the **** are you doing to me?!?!?” phase.

Increase in Protein and Water Intake

Now, this is where I have to give you the following disclaimer: I AM NOT A MEDICAL DOCTOR OR REGISTERED DIETITIAN. THIS BLOG IS NOT TO SERVE AS A PRESCRIPTION OR EVEN A SET OF “RULES” TO FOLLOW AND SHOULD CERTAINLY NOT BE USED TO TREAT ANY MEDICAL PROBLEMS. This blog is for your information only. What you do with said information is up to you. What I am is a highly experienced and exceptionally certified personal trainer with more than ten years of experience working with numerous clients that have successfully reached their weight loss goals (and then some...).

Now, with that being said, here’s why water and protein (namely meat) intake are vital. What is the biggest problem you'll run into when dieting? Hunger. What will solve hunger? Filling your stomach. What can you eat that will fill your stomach without adding to your fat stores while SIMULTANEOUSLY helping you avoid muscle wasting (lean mass atrophy)? Meat and water. But meat will make me fat… No it won’t. The research is clear on this one. Carbs (the simple ones, not veggies) make you fat, not meat or fat. So put down the donut and pick up a porterhouse on the way home.

Sleep: Lots of It.

“Hold on?! Sleep?!! I thought this was a diet blog!!!” To which I say, “First off, stop yelling at me! Geez…” and then, yes, sleep. Without boring you with the science and details, long story short, you regularly sleep 8-9 hours per night and your chances of avoiding the foods you need to avoid go WAY up. You sleep less than that and they go WAY down. Want more info? That’s another blog.

There you have it. Short and sweet. You nail these 4 simple and very doable rules and you'll not only make BIG leaps toward your goals but decrease the difficulty of making your diet last for the long haul. You screw up even one of them and the consequences will likely be severe. Want to know more, call or email us today.