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Mature athlete training at a gym in Apollo Beach, FL.

Seniors & Mature Athlete Fitness Training

Strength training with my clients 55 and over helps them relieve joint pain, control weight, and increase their range of motion/ flexibility.

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Fitness programs for seniors and mature athletes in the Apollo Beach, Ruskin, and Sun City Center, FL area!

Seniors and "mature athletes", what we refer to as the 55 years old and older crowd, are encouraged to consider a fitness program. Personal fitness is proven to improve both your quality of life and your longevity. With age comes an array of physical issues that can be easily reduced or be reversed through a regimented exercise plan I will provide you with.

If you are a senior in the Apollo Beach, Ruskin, Sun City Center, or surrounding Florida areas, call me today and schedule your first personal training consultation.

55 and over personal training ab wheel work out in Ruskin, FL.Relieve joint pain through strength building, range of motion, and flexibility exercises.

Joint pain, or arthritis, comes in two forms: rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. According to studies, the amount of people ailed by a form of arthritis is growing and starting at younger ages. To battle these issues without the help of a doctor or medication, I highly recommend a mix of strength training and range of motion/flexibility training.

Strength training is a form of fitness, designed to improve strength over a length of time. When done correctly, this form of exercise has a positive effect on joints, providing them with productive stress rather than joint distress. Whereas flexibility training will allow your joints, muscles, and tendons to have a greater range of motion as they become stronger.

Seniors and mature athletes from the Apollo Beach, Ruskin, and Sun City Center areas already training with me have noticed significant changes, including:

  • Decreased body mass index.
  • Decreased body fat percentage.
  • Improved endurance.
  • Improved sleep patterns.
  • Daily energy was at an all-time high.
  • Joints were stabilized.

Consider strength and flexibility training with me and say goodbye to arthritic pain!

"The most effective way to maintain your quality of life"

Integrating weight training as part of a fitness plan offers a significant number of benefits that await the elder community.

According to Dr. Bruce Craig, weight training is the method that will effectively give seniors and mature athletes a better lifestyle as a whole.

Some of the most common benefits of weight training are:

  • Maintaining strength
  • Creating lean muscle mass
  • Good and upright posture
  • Independence
  • Good quality of life

Training with a professional is key to maintaining a body that will last over time. Additional benefits that are frequently missed include: improvements in balance and mobility, increase in bone density, and overall improvement in self-esteem and self-image.

For all ages, including seniors and mature adults, weight training is a way to prevent, and in some cases reverse, the loss of lean muscle mass.

Live in Apollo Beach, Ruskin, or Sun City Center, FL? Call me at (813) 294-2836 to schedule your first training session!

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