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Chocolate milk for your post-workout meal

chocolate milkEver wonder what’s in all those protein shakes you keep drinking as meal replacements and post-workout meals? You’re probably saying, “Protein - duh!” You’re probably right. There likely is some protein in those shakes - though there’s no way to know for sure. Know who regulates and oversees the supplement industry? The supplement industry, that’s who. Surprisingly enough, the supplement industry only answers to the FDA after it screws up. Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself:

Long story short, you could be ingesting chalk. Chocolate/strawberry/vanilla/cookies-n-cream flavored chalk… but chalk all the same. Will ingesting chalk hurt or kill you? I don’t know. Damn sure won’t help your lean mass gains. That I do know. Know what else I'm pretty sure of? If it comes out of or from an animal and hasn’t been tampered with in a lab, it has protein in it. Not only does it have protein in it, it probably has a complete and very absorbable form of protein in it. Not only that but it probably has other stuff you need in it as well.

Rather than sucking down your usual laboratory born tub of I-don’t-know-what, try something that you know will have a significant amount of complete protein, vitamins, minerals, fluids for rehydration and just the right kind and amount of carbs you need after a workout – chocolate milk. Still think I'm full of it?...

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