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Francois founder of FastTwitch Fitness Performance training a client on how to do a proper dead lift in Apollo Beach

Personal Training Services

I offer personal training programs tailored to your needs that can focus on senior fitness, fat loss, toning, strength training, endurance, flexibility, or a combination of any!

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Fitness programs from a top-rated personal trainer in the Apollo Beach, Ruskin, Sun City Center, and surrounding Florida areas!

FastTwitch Fitness Performance, your all-in-one personal fitness and performance training from one of the finest trainers in the area, Francois Tort. My quality personal training services are available to residents in the Apollo Beach, Ruskin, Sun City Center, and surrounding areas. I have all the knowledge you need to get you on track and keep you there with a personalized fitness plan!

Seniors & Mature Athletes

Francois Tort training with a mature athlete in Apollo Beach, FL.

Fitness endurance, strength & muscle building, and range of motion is extremely important for aging bodies. Many physical issues and joint pain can be reduced or even reversed through regular workouts. When I start training seniors and mature athletes they report noticeable differences in their endurance, strength, lower BMI, higher energy levels and over all body stabilization.

Strength training is one of the most effective ways to help maintain your quality of life and longevity of life. As your personal trainer I will give you the tools you need to maintain your body, health and fitness.

More About Seniors & Mature Athletes

Fat Loss/Toning

Fat loss and toning a personal training clients abs.

The purpose of fat loss and toning is to efficiently attack the fat with a combination of exercise and nutrition. Fat is the body's favorite way of storing extra calories. Extra calories come from eating too much, which essentially "makes us fatter"

My plan of attack is a simple 3 step plan:

1.Gain "less mass".

2.Move more.

3.Eat better.

By gaining more strength and less mass, people are able to speed up their metabolism and increase their capacity to burn fuel during each workout. By moving more and using a combination of volume and intensity, you will burn more calories and cause fat to leave the body. You can accelerate this process by using your large muscle groups, multi-joint movements, and a moderate to high pace of exercise/work.

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Strength Training & Muscle Building

Personal training client doing skull crushers at the gym in Apollo Beach, FL.

At the top of my list for all fitness plans, and what should be at the top of yours, is strength training! Through a combination of strength, strength endurance, and proper nutrition you will increase your lean muscle mass and work capacity.

Strength training has a place at the core of every individual's training, which helps to maintain the ability to keep performing activities in your daily life for years to come. Strength training is a huge part of effectively relieving joint and back pain. By continuing to strengthen your entire body, especially your core, you will reap the benefits for years to come by sticking to a regimented fitness plan.

More About Strength Training & Muscle Building

Flexibility & Range of Motion

Flexibility stretching with a client in Apollo Beach, FL.

Flexibility tends to favor women, the young, and the active. Flexibility, or range of motion (ROM), and stretching is vital to any fitness program. ROM is achieved in many ways, I will incorporate flexibility into our training through physical activity. We will work on each joint ROMduring your training, and spend time stretching to improve your flexibility and range of motion over time.

More About Flexibility & Range of Motion

Strength Endurance

Strength endurance training by doing push ups.

Strength Endurance (stamina) works on getting your body to act, move, and work at a moderate to high intensity for longer amounts of time. This is achieved at a faster rate through full body training that incorporates the body's large muscle groups. Through full body training, strength endurance is achieved faster and is one of the most noticeable benefits when training with me. Full body training works the large muscle groups harder and in a more productive way, overloading your overall cardiovascular system.

More About Strength Endurance Training

Aerobic Endurance / Cardio

Aerobic endurance personal training with reverse lunges.

Aerobic is defined as any activity that uses the large muscle groups, can be maintained continuously, and is rhythmic in nature. These exercises are intended to overload the heart and lungs causing them to work harder.

There is NO running. Why? We focus on cross training the body's large muscle groups using circuits and weight training for the cardio portion of your personal training plan. The idea is to improve your body's capability to:

  • Resist injury.
  • Increase your core stability.
  • Increase your overall movement efficiency

This allows you to run on your own time, in a safer way, by having a body trained in all aspects of cardio.

More About Aerobic Endurance Training

As your personal trainer, I will be able to guide you so you know what stretches you should be doing, and how to properly stretch your joints. Your range of motion is just another part of your fitness plan that will be achieved through the fitness training I provide.

Get started on your fitness goals today!

Are you ready to get your body into shape? If so, reach out to me and we'll discuss your goals and what it's like to work with me. Complete my online forms or give me a call at (813) 294-2836.

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