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Personal training instruction on how to do a barbell row in Apollo Beach.

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Dog Walking and Other Pearls of Wisdom

Walking the dog fitness tips in Apollo Beach, FL.First Pearl: Don't Be Afraid To Ask Questions!

5 Pieces of Fitness Wisdom For You:

1)      If you own a dog, you should walk it. Cesar Millan recommends you walk your dog at least an hour and a half a day to satisfy their natural instinct of migration, and it calms them down too, so no more expensive dog obedience training! It will be a great bonding experience for you and your pet, and you’ll lose weight in the process! If you split you’re walking into two separate sessions a day, say, 45 minutes in the morning and 45 minutes in the evening, it’ll be more effective for fat loss than if you had walked an hour and a half in one session. Chrisitian Thibaudeau, a very well-respected Olypmic weightlifter and highly sought-after personal trainer for professional athletes, said it this way, "Dividing one's volume into two session will ALWAYS be more effective than doing the same work in one session. This is true both for growth(muscle gain) and fat loss. Specifically when it comes to fat loss. Two sessions have been shown to increase caloric expenditure moreso than doing the exact same volume in one session."

2)      People who jog are what weightlifters call “The Walking Wounded”. You wanna know why? Just look at a jogger, usually they’ll have knee braces on, or if they don’t, they look as if they’re about to fall forward at any moment as they jog down the street breathless...

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