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Personal trainer, Francois Tort teaching a client the proper way to do a reverse lunge in Ruskin, FL.

Weight Loss & Toning

If you want to lose weight quicker, start lifting weights. Use your large muscle groups to train your full body. Let me show you how!

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Personal training in Apollo Beach, Ruskin, and Sun City Center, FL for weight loss and toning.

Building muscle and strength to decrease weight and gain muscle at a gym in Apollo Beach, FL.Fat isn’t just your love handles, or the extra weight on your stomach you’ve been trying to get rid of. Fat is fuel, energy for everything that your body does. And getting rid of fat is as simple as understanding it—both the purpose it serves in your body, and how it turns it into energy, instead of stagnant fuel storage. We take all of this knowledge, and approach weight loss and muscle tone from three angles:

Build Lean Muscle - Using strength training to build lean muscle helps to speed up your metabolism, which in turn improves your capacity to burn fat as fuel for your body. This improves the overall effectiveness of every workout you do and will give you the endurance to do the exercise that your body needs to turn fat into fuel.

Move More - Medium to high-intensity workouts keep your body moving, your metabolic rate up, and your heart pumping. The more you move—both in intensity and volume—plays a key role in helping you burn fat and keep it off.

Eat Better - First and foremost, food is fuel for your body. Eating the foods that your body wants to burn during your workouts will encourage fat loss, rather than encouraging your body to store it. You should always include lots of plants and animals in your diet, with very minimal carbohydrates and sugars when you eat. Lastly, you need to drink plenty of water.

Want to accelerate the process?

Our plan is to gain "lean mass". By integrating a weight-lifting program into your workout, you can speed this up and help reach your weight-loss goals. Using your large muscle groups, multi-joint movements at a moderate to high pace, you will begin to see the body you’ve been dreaming of even faster. If you want to lose fat, maintain muscle, or gain muscle, you must train for full body strength.

Ready to see the new you?

We can help create a training regimen for you that helps you safely burn fat and build lean muscle. Call us at (813) 294-2836 to set up your first session in the Apollo Beach, Ruskin, and Sun City Center, FL.

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