Fat loss and strength training in Sun City Center, FL.Sun Tzu, legendary Chinese General and author of The Art of War, wrote, “To win wars, you must know yourself and your enemy. If you don’t know one or either, expect to lose.” In the battle of the bulge, you are the aggressor and fat is the enemy. If you are to beat this enemy, you must first understand it AND yourself. At FastTwitch, we help you learn to understand and consequently control both.

Know Yourself

The biggest and most common mistakes I see people making in the gym every day are the following: 1) They depend too much on will power and 2) they train without first learning and/or knowing how to train safely and effectively. At FastTwitch, we have a simple belief – Will power is crap. Don’t believe me? Are you a millionaire? Are you built like a Greek god? No? How’s that will power thing workin out for ya? It’s not, is it? Systems lessen the need for will power by providing a set of rules that are clear and simple to follow. Follow the rules, you succeed. Fail to follow the rules, you fail. Simple as that. This form of governing one’s self via systems developed by people that are more experienced and know better and/or more than you do is the reason the Bible and the US Constitution are, have been and always will be so incredibly effective and popular. At FastTwitch, we’re simply doing our best to follow good examples…

Know Your Enemy

If you’re like 95% of the people that approach FastTwitch and it’s trainers for help, amongst other things, you want to lose fat and gain lean mass (aka muscle). To put it in one word, you want to “tone”. The first thing you need to know about fat is that it is, for the purposes of this article, nothing more than - fuel. Fat, due to its capacity to store energy, is the body’s preferred form of calorie storage. When you eat too much, your body has to deal with what’s called “nutrient oversaturation” or a saturation of calories in the blood that the body cannot use or eliminate. The body can only use and expel so many calories in a given amount of time. The rest – it stores. Unfortunately, the body has a near infinite capacity for calorie storage. Want to use more fat and store less? FastTwitch has a system that is tried, true, easy to explain and ready to go.

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