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Fast Twitch News and Press

Read here to find the latest news about what's happening at Fast Twitch Fitness Performance in Apollo Beach, Florida at the Apollo Beach Racquet and Fitness Club. The personal trainers at each location are always up to something!

Son saves father, father saves colleague, son recognized with Merit award

Son saves father, father saves colleague, son recognized with Merit award

American Red Cross lifesaving training given to a Hillsborough County man was paid forward by his father, who saved the life of a business associate. And on Wednesday, the son was honored with a Red Cross certificate of merit that bears the signature of the president.

Francois Tort, of Lithia, was trained by the Red Cross on how to apply the Heimlich maneuver. He used the method one night a couple of years ago when he was having dinner with his family.

"It was at my apartment in Brandon," Francois Tort said Wednesday afternoon. "We were having a steak dinner with my dad, my grandfather, my brother and myself. I was in the kitchen and heard a commotion. I poked my head out and saw my dad was standing with his hands to his throat, just looking at table with a blank stare on his face."

The son recognized what was going on because of his training. "I went over to him and stood behind him and found the position for my fist. I leaned over and told him, 'This is going to hurt, so get ready for it.' "

He gave his dad the Heimlich maneuver — and nothing happened, he said. The second time, the piece of meat dropped on the table.

"He regained the ability to breathe," Francois Tort said.

Playing the matter down, the son continued with the meal.

"I didn't want him to get excited about it, so I played like it was no big deal," Francois Tort said.

A few weeks later, his dad, Eric, was attending a business meeting when an associate started to choke on a piece of pizza. Recalling what his son had done, Eric performed the Heimlich on the associate and dislodged the food.

"He just remembered how I did it to him," the son said. "I had explained it to him right afterward."

On Wednesday, the local chapter of the American Red Cross honored Francois Tort with a certificate of merit, awarded to someone who saves a life with methods learned in a Red Cross first-aid course.

The award is signed by President Barack Obama and the chairman of the American Red Cross and includes the certificate, a citation and medals.

Francois Tort, who was in the Marine Corps, took the Red Cross first-aid course as part of his certification as a personal trainer. He also is certified to teach CPR courses through the Red Cross, and it was through that instruction he learned the Heimlich.

He said he never mentioned the incident to anyone at the Red Cross until recently. It was then, he said, that he was nominated for the certificate.

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Fast Twitch Featured in SCC Observer

The Fast Track to Fitness

Fast Twitch Francois Tort doing push up

Fast Twitch Fitness Performance, located at Apollo Beach Racquet and Fitness Club in Apollo Beach, is a personal training company for all your fitness and performance needs. Whether your goal is weight / fat loss, strength gains, joint pain relief, improved stamina and / or just better overall health, Fast Twitch Fitness Performance can help you reach your desired objectives.

Founded by Francois Tort in January 2008, Fast Twitch was started to help those that wanted to improve their fitness through exercise but didn't understand, and were consequently frustrated with, the basics of how to go about achieving their goals.

Francois' passion for resistance / weight training began when his grandfather, Henri, bought him his first barbell with 50 lbs. of weight for his 14th birthday.

Throughout the years, Francois continued to practice and improve upon his craft. At 19, he enlisted in the Marine Corps, advancing quickly through the ranks making Sergeant in less than 4 years. His time in service taught him leadership, discipline, structure and accountability; character traits that would help him once he began his personal training business. Armed with a handful of credits he had accumulated at the local community college prior to enlisting in the Corps, Francois enrolled at the University of South Florida in 2006 with the objective of getting a degree that related to his passion. He graduated in 2008 with a Bachelor's in Exercise Science.

Francois knew that having a field-specific degree was good -- but it wasn't enough. He began to study for the National Strength and Conditioning Association's Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (NSCA-CSCS) exam, one of the most highly sought-after and hardest to attain personal trainer certifications in the country. Candidates have at least a 4-year Bachelor's degree and be CPR and First Aid certified just to apply. He took the exam and passed the first time. He also attained the Certified Personal Trainer (NSCA-CPT) credential from the same organization just to have all his bases covered.

He now has over a decade and a half of resistance training experience and roughly half as many years of experience training others.

Francois says, "Resistance training isn't about being full of muscles. As a matter of fact, if done correctly, resistance training can cause an individual to shrink significantly while gaining a lean, athletic look to the body. It's about strength, longevity and quality of life. Fast Twitch wants each individual to be physically capable to do whatever it is they want to do for the rest of their life. Want to look good in a bathing suit and stay looking good? Resistance is training is the way to go."

For more information and to get an idea of how Fast Twitch operates, check out FastTwitchFP.com or call 813-294-2836.

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