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Testimonials > Mixed Connective Tissue Disease

Dealing with Mixed Connective Tissue Disease

Krystal E.

I have been training with Francois for about a year and it was very difficult at first because I have an illness called Mixed Connective Tissue Disease. This disease is an auto-immune disease which targets my blood, skin, and other parts of the body.

Francois took his time to deal with me and my issues and might I add, in the long run it DEFINITELY paid off.

My skin was not as tight as it used to be, my endurance became longer, and my "feeling dizzy" spells wasn't as frequent.

He is an awesome person overall and an excellent trainer who motivated me even when I thought I could not do it.

He made me realize that although I may be physically ill, (according to Doctors), exercise and strength conditioning is a must and my doctor agreed!

I will recommend him to anyone who will listen and who wants a healthy and strong lifestyle. Trust me he is worth!

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