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My name is Meredith. I have been living with chronic back pain for more than 20 years. I have had injections and even surgery to try and deal with the pain. Recently, I began working out at a gym. I started on the treadmill because I figured it was safe for my back. One day, Francois asked me “When are you going to come over to this side?” “This side” was where the weights were. I was always scared to try weights because I didn’t know if I would accidentally hurt my back. Francois was very thorough. He considered my medical history and my apprehensions and he came up with a routine for me. He was patient and showed me how to do every move correctly.

I LOVED my routine! I was always so bored doing only cardio. I didn’t realize how limiting my life had become. I was dependant on pills to manage my pain. Since I have been working out with the routine Francois taught me, I have reduced my medication from 3000 milligrams per day to 1100 milligrams per day -and I am still weaning myself off them! I had not been able to pick up my children for a year. I couldn’t do dishes or the laundry. You might think that is a good thing but it is depressing when you cannot physically do something.

I am seeing the results of working out with Francois too! I just had my monthly weigh in and measuring. I lost pounds and inches and body fat. I can tell a difference in my clothes. I feel stronger and have been able to take on household chores. I can even pick up my kids without fear of my back going out! Honestly, working out without fear has restored my confidence. I want to take on more things, both in the gym and out. Seeing what I had accomplished, Francois gave me suggestions on how to move to the next level and push myself even more. What a joy it is to be in a safe and encouraging environment working with someone you can trust. I can’t recommend Francois enough!

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