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Testimonials > Trainer Exceeded my Expectations

Having a Personal Trainer Exceeded All of My Expectations

Elizabeth P

Francois exceeded all of my expectations about having a personal trainer. When I first began working with him, I was very skeptical about working with a personal trainer. As a middle aged woman, I was unsure how comfortable I would feel working with a young man while training. After much time and thought, I decided to give Francois a try for a month. I was so pleased with his professionalism and with the results that I was finding that I decided to keep working with him three times a week for an entire year.

Before working with Francois, my doctor diagnosed me with Bursitis. I received three cortisone shots into my hip and one shot into my back for this diagnosis. I was scheduled to receive another shot in my back later. Because of Francois's work, I was able to cancel my appointment to receive this shot. Francois helped my Bursitis more than any shot ever has, and I am thankful to him for all that he did for me and my health.

Francois is consistently encouraging and dedicated, a fact that he proved throughout every session that I had with him over the year we worked together. His personality is always enjoyable and his professionalism is continuously present. I am so thankful for the time that I shared with Francois and would recommend him to anyone!

Elizabeth P
Apollo Beach, Florida

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