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I was always active, but then when kids came along I let myself go. I had lost my tone and strength. And my diet wasn't the greatest. I knew I needed to do something and act before it affected my health.

When I sought out a personal trainer I figured that it would just be just a little while, since it was just a matter of regaining my previous shape and getting some gudelines for me to do it myself.

So I hooked up with Francois: based on others' recommendations.

I was so impressed with Francois's attentiveness to my personal needs, and his ability to help me get toned and stronger; it was done in a safe and FUN way!

I highly recommend him if you're sincerely looking to change your physical health / well being for the better. He has the knowledge and is very attentive to individualizing a program so that you can get REAL results!

Carolyn White

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