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Testimonials > Training Brought Me Back to Life

Francois' Personal Training Brought Me Back to Life

Rosemarie, 78

"I must take a few minutes to tell you my thoughts about our training sessions that brought me back to life. It is long overdue!

After several, less than successful, lower back operations that left me feeling crippled and racked with constant pain, all over. I was becoming “hooked” on an assortment of pain pills and not feeling any better. I was at my wits end and becoming desperate to find some way of getting back to normal activities.

I don’t know what prompted me to make use of my senior citizens Silver Sneakers membership available at the Apollo Beach Tennis & Racquet Club. I was not in any mood to exercise or even walk around anymore than I needed to, so it must be providence that led me to the Racquet Club.

By accident, or was it providence, that I met you in the parking lot when we were both walking in to the Club. In my Brooklyn accent I jokingly asked “How can I get to look like you?” You told me that you were a personal trainer and while you could not promise that I would look like you, you promised to rid me of all my pain, restore my strength, durability and ability to walk unassisted, and also to reduce or eliminate the use of most of my medications.

Francois, as you know I am 78 years old and I thought that this might not be possible for someone my age, and in poor physical health. My husband met with you and he was also impressed with your plans for me. So we began your training program specifically designed for our needs and capabilities.

We started very slowly due to my poor physical condition but each session you increased the challenge and within a month I had stopped all of my pain medication and was becoming more and more able to perform physical exercises and normal activity. The improvements in my physical ability were remarkable, especially for someone my age. I could feel my strength returning. The gray panther from Brooklyn was coming back to life. How wonderful to feel good again!

Francois, please accept my sincere thanks and congratulations on devising a program to improve strength and durability and having the commitment to suffer through my inabilities and crankiness to achieve your goal of vastly improved physical ability in me."

Lots of love from your oldest survivor."


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