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Testimonials > Stronger Than "My Prime"

Stronger Than "My Prime"

Tom R

I first hired Fast Twitch in the summer of 2010 to use weight lifting to slim down before my wedding. Goal accomplished.

A few months after my Wedding I re-hired Fast Twitchto start strength training again. It had been about 10 years since I had done any weight training on a regular basis. I had become totally comfortable with classifying myself as a washed-up high school has-been, who was able to relive his glory days playing on a drinking team with a softball problem.

François was able to get me motivated, hold me accountable, and keep things interesting. After numerous months of working out with François, I can honestly say that I am stronger and leaner than I was in my “prime.” In addition . . . surprisingly . . . I am still going to the gym on my own.

Thanks François!


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