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Testimonials > Short Term at Southshore Falls

I had a short term lease at Southshore Falls and started working with Francois even though I knew it would be short term when I started. It turned out to be a little less than 3 months of actually training before I moved north about 30 miles. 

I should say, at 61, I am no stranger to the gym or work with trainers. I've worked with several trainers over the past 20 +/- years and believe that there is definite value to working with a trainer. It can be as simple as having a gym appointment which gets me to the gym instead of doing one of the other 10 or so important things that are vying for my time on any given day. Other value added items are learning proper form to avoid injuries, being pushed to lift more or less whenever each is appropriate, nutrition monitoring and accountability.

I think some of the workouts that I did with Francois could be some of the toughest I have ever done in terms of physical exhaustion near the end of the workout. Yet, with the possible exception of those darn walking lunges, I mostly didn't feel like the exercise was too much. There were even a few times when I almost asked for more weight; however, I've learned to be very careful about what I say around a trainer and to NEVER P.O. the trainer.

So, by the end of the first month, I'm sure I felt better and felt like I was making progress. I guess it was near the end of the second month that I really started noticing results. I noticed several exercises that I had done off and on over many years with more than one trainer that I was suddenly lifting more weight than I had ever done.

Francois kept telling me to breathe, don't breathe, stick my head through the window, yes really, that's what he said, hold my stomach solid, sure buddy, and so on. Apparently, while he was making all these important comments, he was adding weight to what I was lifting. 

So, as moving day approached, after a couple short months of working with Francois, I found myself lifting more weight than I ever had and thought I might have made some small gains in muscle mass. I guess weakness really is an option.

Thank you Francois!
Allan Dickens

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