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What People Are Saying About Francois Tort and Fast Twitch

They're Saying A Lot

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Best My Body Ever Looked

Marcus S.

"I have to say that I am very pleased with my results so far. I am 55 years old and have always been active, but my body looks better now than at any other time in my life.

Before I used a personal trainer, I never really took weightlifting seriously. Now I work out three times a week with Francois, and my results are truly exciting. I’ve never been known as a muscular guy, but people are certainly taking notice. 

I just returned from a cruise, and my wife was noticing how many women were looking at me. (I thank heaven for an understanding wife.) I am working out primarily to stay fit, but my increased flexibility, endurance, and strength (not to mention the looks I get) are added bonuses.

Now my favorite shirt is a tank top!

I never knew working out would be so easy. You just show up on time and then follow instructions for an hour. Francois explains all the muscle groups involved with each exercise, so you know exactly what part of your body is being developed with each movement.

After three months, I have lost two inches in my waist (wow!), and I have gained up to two inches in my shoulders, biceps, thighs, and calves. This was possible without sticking to a strict diet; just eating sensibly. My weight hasn’t fluctuated much because I wasn’t overly heavy to begin with, but my 195-pound frame has undergone a huge transformation.

You state your goals during your first visit, and Francois designs a specific weight training program for you to achieve them. Body measurements are taken monthly, and your progress is charted. Unlike trainers who don’t measure periodically, Francois prides himself on the progress of his clients toward the goals they have set for themselves. I believe there’s also a psychological aspect with monthly weigh-ins: you’ll tend to eat better foods if you know that you’re going to be measured from one month to the next. If you’re working out with your trainer three times a week but you’re still eating poorly, it will catch up to you on measurement day.That's not only embarrassing, but more importantly, you’ve stunted your progress.

I look forward to training with Francois because every week, I become more energetic and more powerful, and I love the way that feels."

Marcus S.

HUGE Drop in Cholesterol

Allen H

I started training with Francois at FastTwitch Fitness Performance several months ago.

To say I was out of shape would be an understatement. My once athletic form had degenerated into an obese, high cholesterol, arthritic shape I needed to change.

My workout routine and my change of eating habits directed by Francois has already began to pay off.

My most recent blood work checkup indicated a drop in bad cholesterol of over 100 points. I have not seen 125 cholesterol in twenty five years. I know the road back to a healthier me will be a long one but with Francois's help and encouragement I feel like I can make it.

Thanks Francois!
Allen H

84 and Walking Without Pain

Martha S

I had been an athlete, taught health and physical education, coached gymnastics and took a group of teenagers on a one thousand bike trip through France. At age 79 years I was still very active and healthy.

During the following three years I went through several traumatic episodes, had quit exercising and was diagnosed with Chronic Trauma Stress Disorder. My knees were giving me so much trouble. I gave up my daily walks and was contemplating having knee surgery. Then I met Francois. I was now 84 years old.

As we talked, I realized this guy knows the body. He listened to me: something I find lacking in talking to doctors. I signed up for his program for three months.

What impressed me was his attention to details and his knowledge of overall health fitness (nutrition, sleep, impact of stress, etc.). He was constantly monitoring my progress. He was a stickler for correct technique. He pushed me to my limit but never beyond it.

After three months I had made great progress. I signed up for another three months. By the end of the six months I am walking without pain. I actually am able to jog a short distance.

Six months ago I was thinking about planning for a wheelchair. Today I am thinking about planning a trip. Maybe another Outward Bound camping trip or another bike trip. I am excited about the prospects. 

Thank you, Francois, for helping me regain my fitness.
Martha Schoeff

François is Amazing!

Kelsey G

François is amazing!

He helped me with everything I ask for. He listened and paid attention to my needs as an out-of-shape girl.

Extremely supportive and encouraging for you to get the best results.

I lost 2" around that tummy/ love handle area with in the first couple weeks.

I recommend him to everyone looking for the best guy to help you change for the better!

Kelsey G.

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