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Testimonials > Personal Trainer Makes Difference

A Qualified Personal Trainer Makes all the Difference

Mark B.

"I selected Francois Tort because of his qualifications and multi-certifications. I have stayed with him because of the amazing results I'm getting.

He served in the Marines, has a 4 year degree, has advanced training and multiple certifications and is science-based. That is exactly what everyone wants and needs.

My goals were to get stronger without getting hurt -- to get bigger and smaller in all the right places.

The gym can be an intimidating place, especially the free weights and cages. This is where Francois keeps me 100% of the time. He teaches me that it's all about form. As time, the amount of weight I'm working with gets more and more. By the end of the month I've finally gotten down the routine. Then Francois gives me a fresh, new routine the next month with different exercises and different reps.

The weight gets a little heavier, I get a little stronger, and my waist gets a little smaller. The gym doesn't seem so intimidating, and I see the same people there. He gives me meal-planning guidance and tips.

I have worked with others in the past. They were all okay. It's just when you find somebody like Francois, you quickly realize the difference between okay and excellent."

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