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Testimonials > Biggest Impact I've Ever Tried

More Impact Than Anything I've Ever Tried

Diane L

Having never had a personal trainer before and having gone through countless workout routines and diet plans - not to mention the ups and downs of a constant struggle with weight, shape and clothes size - I can honestly say working out with Francois for 6 months had more impact on my overall goals than anything I've tried ever before.

His approach is very methodical and precise - customized to your specific "trouble areas" and I saw a difference within the first few weeks.  I didn't lose a whole lot of weight, but redistributed muscle mass and as a result, inches were lost.  Plus, my clothes fit a lot better, and my general energy levels went way up.  Weight training along with Francois's recommendation of diet, sleep and water intake really aided in things.  His knowledge of what the human body does during stress and corrective activity is bar none, the most comprehensive I've ever experienced.

I would highly recommend him!"

Diane L

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