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Testimonials > Joint Pain Relief

Joint Pain Relief

AND Added Strength: Clint

Clint Babcock personal training with Fast Twitch Personal Trainers, Tampa

"For the past decade, I’ve had chronic lower back pain. I’ve spent thousands of dollars in Chiropractor treatments, massages, and most recently engaged a Physical Therapist to help mediate the pain. Unfortunately, none of them were a fix. Although each of them temporarily helped, I quickly came to believe that none of them were going to fix me.

When I first met Francois, he stated that he would be able to help “fix” my lower back pain. Obviously, I was very doubtful. However, 3 months into engaging with Fast Twitch services, my back feels better now than it has since the late 1990s. I feel stronger and for the first time in a long time, I don’t have to take Ibuprofen on a regular basis to deal with the pain.

Even though I’ve been active in sports and in the gym all my life and thought I knew how to work out and build strength, I quickly found out that I was not as knowledgeable as I thought I was. I can’t thank Francois enough for his knowledge and for making me do the exercises I don’t want to do!"


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