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Testimonials > Great Boost in Your Workout



If you’re looking for a great boost in your workout along with core strengthening techniques, fitness professional Francois Tort is definitely the trainer you’re looking for. Regardless of the level at which you are currently training, believe me when I say, “You do need a trainer.” Francois will help create a program that will give you exactly what you need. I went to him when my lower back routine had grown stagnant and I wasn’t seeing any development. What I was seeing was more back pain.

After more than 10 years of back pain and thousands of dollars spent on doctors, medication and chiropractors, all it took was one month’s time with this guy. I always strained my lower back when working out and never understood why. With what I was doing on my own, I always ended up seeing doctors or taking pain relievers. Francois explained what I was doing wrong and taught me exercises that made a lot of sense, stretches designed to alleviate my back pain, proper breathing technique and correct training posture. He helped me strengthen my core and improve my overall strength and musculature by teaching me full body strength derived from the center (aka the core). This helped me gain strength and lean muscle where I wanted and needed it.

Three months later, with much discipline and a healthy eating routine, as I continue to practice what Francois has taught me along with my regular workout routines, I’ve gained results that I couldn’t achieve before. I’ve minimized the back pain and fully expect to eventually eliminate it as I am continuing to strengthen my core/mid section and overall physical health. I’ve also dropped and additional 15lbs of fat and gained lean muscle mass and definition.

Francois, I want to thank you for all you have done. Furthermore, the flexible hours were great which made it easy to get a workout in even if my schedule was hectic. You are definitely the real deal and I will recommend you to any one of my friends or colleagues considering a trainer.

I am very appreciative of the fact that even though my training period was for a very short while, you still scheduled me in and helped me work towards bettering my lower back and overall health. Core training is something most people often overlook and fail to realize the difference it will make for their bodies and wellness. I guess they haven’t met you. Thanks again!

Best Regards,
Alex Rivera

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