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Testimonials > Fast and Great Changes


I am a 17 year old competitive swimmer.

Francois and I have only trained for about 7 sessions and I have already increased my lean mass by 4% and my shoulders and hips have grown an inch, which is what we wanted. 

By my third session I already could tell a difference in how tone my muscles were and I could see a pretty great improvement in my overall performance in and out of the pool. 

Francois is a very good trainer and will always make sure that you know what you are doing and the reason why. 

From very organized workouts, to a diet plan that will help gain muscle or lose weight, to explanations on what your performing and how its helping you. 

Francois will make sure that not only do you get in shape, but you can use what you have learned to continue to stay in shape even when you are done training which in the end is everyone's ultimate goal. 

Give him a try; he won't let you down.


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