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Testimonials > Best Shape of My Life!

I have been training with Francois for 4 months now and could not be happier.

As far as fitness training goes I am no stranger to it. I have been training for years and competing in Obstacle course races in the elite and competitive classes for the past few years.

Needless to say I'm in pretty good shape or so I thought until I started training with Francois.

The first thing he does is sit down with you and asks you about your goals and what you want to achieve. He then puts a program together for you specifically based on your goals and your fitness level changing it up monthly and sometimes weekly to keep you progressing.

Then you show up and put your work in and follow his instructions. As you work out, Francois continues to teach you about proper form, technique, movement and the correct way to train to prevent injuries. He also monitors your movement throughout every workout to make sure you are performing it safely and efficiently so you get the most from every rep.

Francois also thoroughly explains the different muscle groups and what each exercise is designed to target.

Francois can also help you with your nutritional goals. Since starting with Francois my numbers are 6'4" 218 lbs 16% body fat.

Currently, I am 208 lbs. and 12% body fat. My strength has increased incredibly. I also increased muscle size in my arms, back, shoulders, chest, and legs.

This is amazing to me after loosing 10 lbs.

I can't say enough about the condition Francois has put me in. I am absolutely in the best shape of my life at 38. I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to get in the best shape of their life. He can train any fitness level and you will see results if you just follow his instructions and work hard.

Brian Combs

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