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Testimonials > At My Highest Weight

At My Highest Weight

Holly P.

Francois is an excellent personal trainer.

I came to him at my highest weight, and I was scared. I was disappointed for letting myself go and scared to death of making a fool of myself trying to get fit.

Francois made it a fun experience. He didn't make me feel bad, and let me know that I am not the only one.

In fact I was several steps ahead because I was actually doing something about it. Francois explained each exercise, how it affected my body and he never left my side.

During each session he really tried to get to know me. He was interested in what might keep me from reaching my goals and worked with me to make sure that didn't happen. He never gave up on me, even when I was holding on to my weight because of the medications I was on.

When I came off the medications the weight started flying off and he has equally excited as I was. The only reason I stopped working with Francois is because I moved out of town.

A good person and an excellent trainer!!

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