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Testimonials > 57 with 20 extra lbs

AND Bone Density Issues

Chris, 57

April, 2012.

OK, so here's an update. While working out with Francois I have dropped 22 lbs. (over my expectations), reduced my waist by 4-1/2 inches . . . yes, 4-1/2 inches. I've put on an inch on my shoulders and have abs and arms that make me proud to put on a bathing suit. Not bad for a woman in her mid-50's.

It just goes to show you that a talented, credentialed personal trainer can change your life.

Here's what I wrote originally:

So, I'm a fifty-something woman who has spent the last ten years either in front of a computer in a little cubicle, or on the couch annoyed that I had to stretch to reach the remote.

The sum total of my workout regime was walking through the mall. The heaviest weight I picked up was a piece of luggage.

At the beginning of the year I started working out with Francois three times a week. I thought he'd take it easy on me because I'm a lot older than almost everyone in the gym.

Well, that is a wrong assumption. He doesn't even need to tell you he's an ex-Marine, it's obvious in his drill sergeant barking of orders. But the things that separate Francois from other trainers in the gym are really apparent.

The first thing he does is put me on the treadmill (I dreaded walking) and has me control the speed. He talks to me during the walk and explains to me what we are trying to accomplish. He explains it in very technical terms, yet with such great everyday examples, I totally understand what he is talking about. The time on the treadmill seems to take only a couple of minutes because, as I am walking, he is educating me.

While the other trainers in the gym use all the static machines, he works with free weights and different methods to address everyday situations. He'd have to explain it to you in the more technical terms, but it boils down to building up the muscles you use everyday, like the muscles you need to pull down a box off a high shelf.

He is the most inspiring trainer I've ever met. He makes me feel like all things health-wise are within my grasp. Rather than berating, he celebrates my improvements and forgives my shortcomings. He trains me in a very safe, yet effective manner.

After my very first weigh-in, my family and friends could not believe the change in me. Not just in the changes of my body weight and muscles (which were unbelievable), but also in my mental changes. I can do anything now!

He shows me precisely how to do each and every exercise, using the perfect form. When I do an exercise incorrectly, he has been so patient in showing it to me over and over; even teaching me how to breathe through each exercise.

In a short few months, I've lost almost 20 lbs., dropped 2 pant sizes, lost inches off my waist, put inches on my shoulders and biceps, and am stronger than I ever thought I could be!

I love every workout (even the ones that kill!) because Francois mixes an incredible amount of knowledge with a great sense of humor and a bounty of patience!

Now if a fifty-something woman can work out, I challenge you to train with Francois! You'll find it amazing and inspiring.

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